Medicini Asia Ltd. is a leading provider of Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) services throughout Asia.  As the need for more high quality reproductive care services has soared throughout Asia over recent years the services of companies that possess years of successful experience has become obvious and urgent.

The unique professional backbone of Medicini Asia Ltd. stems from the outstanding knowledge of its two founding fertility specialists and gynecologists, Prof. Eyal Schiff and Prof. Daniel Seidman. Both are well published professors at the esteemed Sackler School of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University.

There extraordinary medical skills are a reflection of their role as directors of one of the World’s largest and longest established IVF Units at the Assuta Medical Center in Tel-Aviv. With over 7,000 cycles performed each year and embryologists with over 25 years of experience this center offers remarkable knowhow in leading edge fertility technologies.

Medicini asia ltd. is led by two highly qualified marketing and administrative experts, Mr. honglin and Medicini asia ceo Mr. Yair dangor. they bring with them years of invaluable experience promising rapid implementation in their capable hands of the exceptional art services offered by the Medicini asia team.



To help establish successful and efficient IVF centers in Asia thereby helping to remove the significant barriers that still exist and prevent many patients from receiving the much needed fertility care.  These mainly include cost, accessibility and awareness to services rendered.

We believe that many of the constraints can be removed by a large and efficient center that will be able to lower costs, market its excellence to more patients and health care workers, and provide better access to its services.


Medicini Asia Ltd. will bring knowledge on the efficient operation of large scale IVF centers, cutting-edge know-how in advanced technologies like PGS, ability to train embryologists and other expert staff, as well as business experience with innovative marketing and pricing schemes, allowing the new center to offer more affordable advanced treatment.